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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Getting Ready for the Austin Capitol 10K

This Sunday will be the 28th Capitol 10K in Austin. According to this KXAN article it's the biggest 10K race in Texas and the fourth biggest in the country. I'll have to find out which ones are the top three.

Unlike other big races, there's no prize moeny to attract a bunch of elite runners. But this race has always been more of a festival rather than an super competitive event.

The Austin Statesman interviewed the 1997 male and female winner. Their times have yet to be broken as of last year. The male winner, Len Sitko, won with a time of 29:49. The female winner, Natalie Linam, won with a time of 33:43.

I thought maybe the weather may have contributed to these times so I searched for the weather on this date. First, I didn't have a record about its exact date. After some searching I found that it was on April 6th, 1997. Then I found the Austin weather on this date at Weather Underground.

It turns out that it wasn't too cool. Temperature at 8:53am was 63F, 56% humidity, and clear skies. However, by looking at the wind, a cold front seemed to have moved through around 7:00am. Before this the wind was from the South. By 6:53am it was from the NW at about 12mph. It was up to 16mph from the north by 9:53am. The humidity also dropped substantially. By 9:53am the humidity had dropped to 37%.

When the cool air from a cold front comes through, I always feel some invigoration. Perhaps this helped the runners. Or it could just be that these runners were in top condition and ran great races.

I've downloaded the race results from 2000 to 2004 Capitol 10Ks. I'll be posting various stats from these races and then after the race this Sunday, I'll start working on this year's race.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Knoxville Marathon Split Comparisons

Having a consistent pace throughout a marathon is the ideal strategy. However, it's not easy. Looking at the splits in Knoxville's March 20th Marathon, only about 20% of the runners were able to keep their first and second half times within 5 minutes of each other. About 76% ran the second half over 5 minutes slower. Only 9% of the runners ran the second half faster.

This is similar to other marathons that I've looked into. For example, in the Virgina Beach Marathon there were also only 9% who finished faster. Like Knoxville, Virginia Beach also had cool weather throughout the race.

As was mentioned only about 20% of the runners were able keep their first and second half times within 5 minutes of each other. The faster runners were more likely to achieve this. Here's a summary by chip finish time and the percentages of those who had about equal splits (+/- 5 minutes).

under 3hr: 47%
3 to 3.5hr: 47%
3.5 to 4hr: 28%
4 to 4.5hr: 19%
4.5 to 5hr: 9%
5 to 5.5hr: 8%
5.5 to 6hr: 5%
over 6hr: 11%
Overall: 20%

Below are the stats in table formats derived from the Knoxville Marathon results page. The halfway times are assumed to be chip times.

Mouse Over Cells
If you move your mouse over the cells, you can see the best time along with the split times for that category.

Half Split Changes for Under-4hr Runners

Split ChangeMarathon Chip Times
Under 3hr3 to 3.5hr3.5 to 4hr
More than 5m faster2 (10.5%)4 (4.8%)9 (4.4%)
Less than 5m faster 14 (16.7%)13 (6.4%)
Less than 5m slower9 (47.4%)25 (29.8%)44 (21.7%)
More than 5m slower7 (36.8%)41 (48.8%)135 (66.5%)
Unknown1 (5.3%) 2 (1%)

Half Split Changes for 4hr-to-5.5hr Runners

Split ChangeMarathon Chip Times
4 to 4.5hr4.5 to 5hr5 to 5.5hr
More than 5m faster7 (2.7%)7 (4%)1 (0.9%)
Less than 5m faster15 (5.7%)7 (4%)2 (1.7%)
Less than 5m slower34 (12.9%)9 (5.1%)7 (6%)
More than 5m slower205 (77.9%)153 (86.9%)103 (88%)
Unknown2 (0.8%) 4 (3.4%)

Half Split Changes for Over-5.5hr Runners and Overall

Split ChangeMarathon Chip Times
5.5 to 6hrOver 6hrTotal
More than 5m faster1 (1.8%) 31 (3.3%)
Less than 5m faster3 (5.3%)1 (5.3%)55 (5.9%)
Less than 5m slower 1 (5.3%)129 (13.8%)
More than 5m slower53 (93%)16 (84.2%)713 (76%)
Unknown 1 (5.3%)10 (1.1%)

Monday, March 28, 2005

Pam Reed completes 300-mile, nonstop run

This Tucson Citizen article just announced that Pam Reed completed her 300-mile nonstop run today at 1:57pm with a time of just under 80 hours.

This beats her long-distance rival, Dean Karnazes, who was only able to complete 262 miles nonstop last summer. It took him 75 hours for that run. I was looking around the web for more info on Karnazes and found this Reuters article. It has some interesting background on him. For example, it mentions how he got started in ultramarathons which sounds a little like Forrest Gump. After drinking with friends, he just decided to go out and run all night. Now he often does all-night runs. On Friday nights, he sometimes runs 70 miles to a hot spring and meets his family there on Saturday morning.

The article also mentioned that 262-mile run. It was actually part of the 199-mile relay race which he has done for the last 10 years. Last summer he ran 63 miles to the starting line and then did the 199 miles. I found the relay's website. It's called the Saturn Relay and is usually run by a 12-member team. This press release describes some of Karnazes' relay records such as his 46:17 hour 199-mile run in 2002 and his 57:53 hour 226-mile run in 2003.

This year's Saturn Relay will be in October. Perhaps Dean will go for 300 miles plus to recapture the nonstop running record.

300 Mile Run?

The ultramarathon runner Pam Reed set out last Friday to run 300 miles. In the latest news she was scheduled to finish today after starting Friday morning at 6am. The article reported that she has been fighting blisters and had replaced her shoes 3 times.

60 Mintues last night (3/27/05) had a story about the Badwater Ultra Marathon that took place last July 2004. They had indepth profiles on Reed and also on the men's favorite, Dean Karnazes.

Some interesting stats/facts about Badwater, Reed, and Karnazes:

Badwater stats:
  • Badwater is a 135mi long race (over 5 marathons!)
  • It begins below sealevel at -282ft and ends at an elevation of 8360ft.
  • In 2004, 57 runners (7 women) officially finished out of 72 who started.
  • The race is held in July and goes through Death Valley
  • Runners try to run on the white line on the side of the road so their shoes don't melt from the 200F asphalt temperatures.

Pam Reed stats:
  • Pam Reed won Badwater overall (for both men and women) in 2002 and 2003. In 2002 she set the course record for women with a time of 27:56:47 hr.
  • She's 44 and a mother of 5 sons/stepsons
  • Last year she ran 220 miles in 48 hours (over 8 marathons!)
  • She has run the Boston Marathon in reverse in 3:36 before the official start. She then ran the official marathon with the time of 3:30.
  • She has no official coach, trainer, or schedule. She just runs whenever she can (middle of the night, between errands, during son's soccer practice)

Dean Karnasis stats:
  • Won overall in 2004 with a time of 27:22:48 hrs
  • Owner of a health food company
  • first to run 262 mi in 76hrs (that's 10 marathons!)
  • Often orders pizza delivery with his cell during his training runs

Here are the results for the Badwater Ultramarathons. Take note of Monica Scholz of Ontario Canada. She was the female winner in 2004 and came in third overall with a time of 29:22:29. She's been steadily improving for the past 3 years. In 2003 her time was 33:41:29 and in 2002 it was 38:33:30.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

JumboTron Finish and the Knoxville Marathon

Knoxville did a cool thing with their new marathon last Sunday (3/20/05) by ending at Neyland Stadium where finishers got to see themselves on the 132ft by 51ft JumboTron as they crossed the finish line. The only problem is that when you're at the end of a marathon, it's easy to forget looking up at the JumboTron as you finish.

Below are the stats for the full marathon. At first I downloaded the stats from the Knoxville Marathon website. However, they didn't provide ages, cities, or states. Later I found that the Knoxville Track Club provided these details at their website. The only problem was that they didn't provide both the chip and gun times. It looks to be the gun times. So the below stats are gun times rather than chip times. Since there weren't a huge number of runners, the gun times don't seem to be too much longer than the chip times.

I added something new to the stats. For the stats by city and state, I included the fastest times so you can see what the best time was for your city or state. One thing I haven't mentioned is the cutoff time. To keep the tables from getting too big, I exclude cities and states with fewer than 10 runners.

Total Runners by Times

Under 3hr3 to 4hr4 to 5hrOver 5hr
19 (2%)278 (30%)433 (47%)190 (21%)

Male Runners by Times - Move mouse over cells to see best times

AgeGroupUnder 3hr3 to 4hr4 to 5hrOver 5hr
teens0 (0%)0 (0%)3 (100%)0 (0%)
twenties4 (7%)20 (34%)24 (41%)11 (19%)
thirties8 (4%)82 (39%)83 (40%)35 (17%)
forties5 (2%)91 (41%)91 (41%)34 (15%)
fifties0 (0%)34 (31%)55 (50%)20 (18%)
sixties0 (0%)4 (9%)26 (60%)13 (30%)
seventies0 (0%)0 (0%)2 (50%)2 (50%)
Total17 (3%)231 (36%)284 (44%)115 (18%)

Female Runners by Times - Move mouse over cells to see best times

AgeGroupUnder 3hr3 to 4hr4 to 5hrOver 5hr
teens0 (0%)1 (33%)2 (67%)0 (0%)
twenties0 (0%)16 (26%)32 (52%)14 (23%)
thirties1 (1%)15 (15%)56 (57%)26 (27%)
forties1 (1%)14 (19%)38 (53%)19 (26%)
fifties0 (0%)1 (3%)21 (64%)11 (33%)
sixties0 (0%)0 (0%)0 (0%)5 (100%)
Total2 (1%)47 (17%)149 (55%)75 (27%)

Average Times By Age Groups (Male and Female)

AgeGroupNumberPercentMean Time

Average Times By Male Age Groups

AgeGroupNumberPercentMean Time

Average Times By Female Age Groups

AgeGroupNumberPercentMean Time

Average Times By Cities

CityNumberPercentMean TimeBest Time
Atlanta, GA121%4:24:223:07:59
Kingsport, TN162%4:05:142:52:27
Knoxville, TN31935%4:31:322:44:47
Maryville, TN364%4:25:313:40:29
Sevierville, TN101%4:22:473:26:57
Seymour, TN101%4:23:023:12:31
Below Cutoff51756%4:18:512:22:56

Average Times By State

StateNumberPercentMean TimeBest Time
Below Cutoff9711%4:14:152:22:56

Weather at the Knoxville Marathon

The temperatures last Sunday (3/20/05) at Knoxville were great for a marathon. Perhaps it was a tad cool. Sunrise was 6:39am. At the starting time of 7:00am the temperature was 41F. By noon it had risen to 55F. Below are the details from

TimeTemp FHumid. %WindSky Condition
6:53am4193from SW 6mphpartly cloudy
7:53am4590from SW 6mphfair
8:53am4980from WSW 8mphpartly cloudy
9:53am5261from WNW 10mphpartly cloudy
10:53am5457from W 10mphmostly cloudy
11:53am5551from SW 9mphpartly cloudy
12:53pm5747from SW 7mphpartly cloudy
1:53pm5936from NW 8mphpartly cloudy

USA Marathon Stats for 2004

According this article from Marathon Guide there were 302 marathons that took place in the US during 2004, and in these marathons, there were 361,000 finishers.

On the demographic side of the stats it confirms a trend that I've noticed. The largest women age group is the 25-to-29 group who accounted for over 18% of all female finishers.

The fastest male group were the runners in the early forties with an average time of 4:21:46. The fastest female group were the runners in the early twenties with an average time of 4:51:50. These averages are close to the average times of races that I've covered. Below are a sampling from my stats:

For the 2005 Knoxville Marathon: male 40-49-year olds averaged 4:12:30 (just 2 seconds slower than the 20-29-year olds). For the 20-29-year old women, the average time was 4:29:39.

For the 2005 Virginia Beach Marathon: male 40-49-year olds averaged 4:08:55 (fastest group) and the womein 20-29-year olds averaged 4:33:03 (2.5 min slower than 30-39-year olds).

The 2005 LA Marathon had much slower average times. Male 40-49-year olds averaged 5:09:35 and the women 20-29-year olds averaged 5:40:10. I think there many walkers who may have affected the averages.

In the 2005 Little Rock Marathon, times were similar to Virginia Beach. Male 40-49-year olds averaged 4:12:23 and the women 20-29-year olds averaged 4:59:12. The 30-39-year old women had a 20min faster average time.

Times for the 2005 Mesa Valley of the Sun Marathon were just a bit faster than the Virginia Beach marathon. Male 40-49-year olds averaged 4:05:20 and the women 20-29-year olds averaged 4:32:43.

Finally, for the 2005 Austin Marathon, times were in the middle: Male 40-49-year old averaged 4:14:58 and the women 20-29-year olds averaged 4:49:03. It should be noted that times were 6 to 7 minutes faster in 2004 which had much better weather.

For more information for a particular marathon that I've covered, check out my summary page.

Finally, the article also lists the top 25 marathons in the US. The largest is the New York Marathon which had over 36K runners in 2004. The next was the Chicago Marathon at 33K. One I didn't expect was the Honolulu Marathon being the third biggest at over 22K (over 5K larger than the LA Marathon).

Thursday, March 24, 2005

More on The Shamrock Sportsfest Marathon

One thing I like about the results that Lin-Mark has on last Saturday's Virginia Beach Shamrock Sportsfest Marathon is how it gives the first and second half paces. I decided to use this to see how the marathon runners were able to keep their pace between the two halves. Only 9.3% of the runners had a faster second half pace. Only 6 runners out of 1500 ran the second half more than a minute/mile faster. However, 53.1% ran the second half over 1 minute/mile slower. 46.5% of the runners were able to keep their first and second half paces within a minute/mile of each other.

I compared these stats with this year's Austin marathon. In Austin about 3% of the runners finished the second half faster and about 33% finished with both the halves within a minute/mile pace of each other. So those who ran last Saturday did well by keeping a consistent pace. However, it should be pointed out that Virginia Beach had cooler temperatures for its marathon.

Below are the detailed stats. Faster means the runner finished the second half at a faster pace. If you move your mouse over the cells, you can see the best time for that category. Also included are the first and second half paces for that time.

Change in Pace Numbers by Finish Times

Pace ChangeMarathon Chip Times
Under 3hr3 to 4hr4 to 5hrOver 5hrTotal
2 to 3m faster     
1 to 2m faster  4 (1%)2 (1%)6 (0%)
0 to 1m faster5 (17%)76 (14%)43 (6%)10 (4%)134 (9%)
0 to 1m slower22 (73%)305 (56%)214 (32%)23 (9%)564 (38%)
1 to 2m slower1 (3%)114 (21%)207 (31%)62 (23%)384 (26%)
2 to 3m slower 28 (5%)122 (18%)59 (22%)209 (14%)
3 to 4m slower 8 (1%)46 (7%)51 (19%)105 (7%)
Over 4m slower  22 (3%)51 (19%)73 (5%)
Unknown2 (7%)10 (2%)7 (1%)6 (2%)25 (2%)

Weather at Virginia Beach on March 19, 2005

The weather was great for a marathon. Perhaps it was a tad cool at the start. showed a temperature at Virginia Beach of 33 F at the start of the marathon. It also shows an odd jump in the temperatures from 8:00am to 9:O0am. It recorded 33F at 7:56am and 51F at 8:56am during a time when winds were calm. Norfolk had a similar but less drastic jump in temps during this time going from 37F at 6:51am, to 43F at 7:51am, and to 48F at 8:51am. Below are the temperature details.

TimeTemp FHumid. %WindSky Condition
6:56am3385calmpartly cloudy
7:56am3385calmpartly cloudy
8:56am5150calmmostly cloudy
9:56am5443from ESE 8mphmostly cloudy
10:56am5640from ESE 9mphmostly cloudy
11:56am5736from ESE 14mphmostly cloudy
12:56pm5540from SE 10mphmostly cloudy
1:56pm5645from ESE 13mphcloudy

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Virginia Beach Shamrock Sportsfest 8K

At first I didn't notice much about this 8K race since I was concentrating mostly on the marathon. However, this article about the marathon also had some interesting news regarding the 8K event. With money prizes matching the marathon, the 8K seems to attract some top runners. One in particular was the 50 year old female runner Tatyana Pozdnyakova who set a new age-group world record with a time of 26:41. Looking at the stats, this was faster than any of the men in their fifties (nearest time 27:56). Also it was faster than any woman in the forties (nearest time 29:55).

On the demographics side of the stats, women 8K runners outnumbered the men (56% of the 3213 runners). And for the runners in their twenties, women make up 64%.

Here are the Virginia Beach 8K stats. They are based on results provided by Lin-Mark.

Total Runners by Times

Under 30min30 to 40min40 to 50minOver 50min
53 (2%)412 (13%)1178 (37%)1567 (49%)

Male Runners by Times - Move mouse over cells to see best times

AgeGroupUnder 30min30 to 40min40 to 50minOver 50min
preteens0 (0%)2 (9%)6 (27%)14 (64%)
teens2 (3%)28 (41%)25 (36%)14 (20%)
twenties14 (6%)64 (27%)98 (42%)58 (25%)
thirties6 (2%)85 (23%)166 (46%)106 (29%)
forties13 (3%)94 (24%)160 (42%)117 (30%)
fifties4 (2%)42 (18%)99 (43%)84 (37%)
sixties0 (0%)9 (10%)33 (38%)44 (51%)
seventies0 (0%)1 (6%)5 (28%)12 (67%)
eighties+0 (0%)0 (0%)0 (0%)3 (100%)
unknown0 (0%)1 (20%)4 (80%)0 (0%)
Total39 (3%)326 (23%)596 (42%)452 (32%)

Female Runners by Times - Move mouse over cells to see best times

AgeGroupUnder 30min30 to 40min40 to 50minOver 50min
preteens0 (0%)1 (4%)4 (17%)18 (78%)
teens0 (0%)6 (9%)18 (26%)45 (65%)
twenties8 (2%)28 (7%)169 (40%)216 (51%)
thirties4 (1%)27 (5%)202 (34%)363 (61%)
forties1 (0%)19 (4%)150 (34%)275 (62%)
fifties1 (1%)4 (2%)34 (18%)152 (80%)
sixties0 (0%)1 (2%)5 (11%)40 (87%)
seventies0 (0%)0 (0%)0 (0%)6 (100%)
Total14 (1%)86 (5%)582 (32%)1115 (62%)

Average Times By Age Groups (Male and Female)

AgeGroupNumberPercentMean Chiptime

Average Times By Male Age Groups

AgeGroupNumberPercentMean Chiptime

Average Times By Female Age Groups

AgeGroupNumberPercentMean Chiptime

Average Times By State

StateGroupNumberPercentMean Chiptime
Below Cutoff1565%51:02

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Shamrock Sportsfest Marathon Virginia Beach

Last Saturday (3/19/05) Virginia Beach, VA held the 33rd Shamrock Sportsfest Marathon. From the results, 985 men and 515 women (total of 1500) finished the marathon. As in other races, there were more women in their twenties than men (146 women to 144 men). The weather was nice for a marathon. Temperatures at the start were in the 30's and in the 50's at the end. The skies were partly to mostly cloudy.

The marathon course was interesting. It started and ended at the beach. The finish line was on the boardwalk which is sort of cool except for the fact they didn't completely close it off during the race so pedestrians interfered with several runners.

There was an interesting story about the woman who won the marathon with a chip time of 2:58:25. At around mile 7, she collided with a race walker and hit the ground face down. She was able to recover and still win it. They started the walkers an hour before the marathon runners. So that's why there was the potential for a collision.

The 8K event had some thrills as reported by this same article. Three men came within 1 second of each other at the finishing line with one outleaning the others to win with a time of 23:37. On the women's side, Tatyana Pozdnyakova, age 50, finished the 8K in 26:41 to set a new age-group world record. I'll be posting stats on the 8K later.

Here are the marathon stats. They are based on results provided by Lin-Mark.

Total Runners by Times

Under 3hr3 to 4hr4 to 5hrOver 5hr
30 (2%)541 (36%)665 (44%)264 (18%)

Male Runners by Times - Move mouse over cells to see best times

AgeGroupUnder 3hr3 to 4hr4 to 5hrOver 5hr
teens0 (0%)4 (57%)2 (29%)1 (14%)
twenties7 (5%)52 (36%)69 (48%)16 (11%)
thirties12 (4%)159 (48%)114 (34%)47 (14%)
forties10 (3%)127 (44%)115 (40%)36 (13%)
fifties0 (0%)64 (39%)75 (45%)27 (16%)
sixties0 (0%)14 (34%)21 (51%)6 (15%)
seventies0 (0%)0 (0%)2 (29%)5 (71%)
Total29 (3%)420 (43%)398 (40%)138 (14%)

Female Runners by Times - Move mouse over cells to see best times

AgeGroupUnder 3hr3 to 4hr4 to 5hrOver 5hr
teens0 (0%)2 (15%)8 (62%)3 (23%)
twenties0 (0%)40 (27%)70 (48%)36 (25%)
thirties0 (0%)43 (24%)101 (56%)37 (20%)
forties1 (1%)33 (24%)69 (51%)33 (24%)
fifties0 (0%)3 (9%)16 (48%)14 (42%)
sixties0 (0%)0 (0%)3 (50%)3 (50%)
Total1 (0%)121 (23%)267 (52%)126 (24%)

Average Times By Age Groups (Male and Female)

AgeGroupNumberPercentMean Chiptime

Average Times By Male Age Groups

AgeGroupNumberPercentMean Chiptime

Average Times By Female Age Groups

AgeGroupNumberPercentMean Chiptime

Average Times By State

StateGroupNumberPercentMean Chiptime
Below Cutoff17612%4:22:14

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Summary of All Races

This post will serve as a summary page for all the races that I've covered. Unlike the average post, I'll keep updating it with links to new races. This is intended to provide an easy way to find the races that you are interested in. You can see a summary about each post by moving your mouse over the links.

If there's a race that you are interested in that I haven't covered, check out this post. If you like the stats, please leave a comment. I especially appreciate mini race reports.

[Last Updated On: 5/14/2005]

Friday, March 18, 2005

Tulsa Run 15K

This post might seem out of place since the Tulsa Run was held last year (10/30/2004). However, I received a request to post the stats. So I went ahead and crunched the numbers. The stats are below. If you would like to see stats from a race that I haven't included feel free to leave a comment here.

27 Year Runners

One interesting thing I noticed about this race was its list of 30 runners (25 men and 5 women) who have completed every Tulsa 15K Run for the last 27 years. That's dedication.

It's interesting that there are so many more 27-year men than women. I would like to see how the ratio of men to women has changed for the last 3 decades. I would guess running is becoming more popular with women. I quickly compared Tulsa's 1997 results (the earliest posted results) with 2004 results. In 1997 there were 2513 men and 1203 women which is a 2.09 men-to-women ratio. In 2004, there were 2041 men to 1397 women which is a 1.46 men-to-women ratio. That's a sizable demographic change. So I wonder what the ratio was way back in 1978.

Total Runners by Times

Under 1hr60m to 80m80m to 100mOver 100m
81 (2%)1175 (34%)1658 (48%)524 (15%)

Male Runners by Times - Move mouse over cells to see best times

AgeGroupUnder 1hr60m to 80m80m to 100mOver 100m
preteens0 (0%)2 (67%)0 (0%)1 (33%)
teens4 (4%)60 (54%)44 (40%)3 (3%)
twenties12 (5%)110 (43%)116 (46%)15 (6%)
thirties26 (5%)240 (49%)189 (39%)34 (7%)
forties28 (4%)318 (49%)272 (42%)34 (5%)
fifties6 (2%)149 (38%)204 (51%)38 (10%)
sixties0 (0%)23 (20%)65 (58%)25 (22%)
seventies0 (0%)2 (10%)7 (33%)12 (57%)
eighties+0 (0%)0 (0%)0 (0%)2 (100%)
Total76 (4%)904 (44%)897 (44%)164 (8%)

Female Runners by Times - Move mouse over cells to see best times

AgeGroupUnder 1hr60m to 80m80m to 100mOver 100m
preteens0 (0%)2 (40%)0 (0%)3 (60%)
teens0 (0%)17 (35%)24 (50%)7 (15%)
twenties2 (1%)81 (22%)209 (57%)74 (20%)
thirties1 (0%)88 (19%)273 (60%)94 (21%)
forties2 (1%)66 (19%)185 (53%)96 (28%)
fifties0 (0%)16 (13%)57 (45%)55 (43%)
sixties0 (0%)1 (3%)10 (28%)25 (69%)
seventies0 (0%)0 (0%)2 (33%)4 (67%)
eighties+0 (0%)0 (0%)0 (0%)2 (100%)
unknown0 (0%)0 (0%)1 (100%)0 (0%)
Total5 (0%)271 (19%)761 (54%)360 (26%)

Average Times By Age Groups (Male and Female)

AgeGroupNumberPercentMean Chiptime

Average Times By Female Age Groups

AgeGroupNumberPercentMean Chiptime

Average Times By Male Age Groups

AgeGroupNumberPercentMean Chiptime

Average Times By Cities

CityGroupNumberPercentMean Chiptime
Bartlesville OK572%1:21:11
Bixby OK511%1:24:40
Broken Arrow OK3009%1:26:06
Claremore OK461%1:25:24
Collinsville OK211%1:31:39
Coweta OK211%1:24:20
Dallas TX231%1:30:16
Edmond OK522%1:23:44
Ft. Sill OK241%1:27:35
Jenks OK832%1:25:00
Joplin MO281%1:27:13
Muskogee OK411%1:25:35
Norman OK371%1:21:38
Oklahoma City OK662%1:25:27
Owasso OK1224%1:27:12
Sand Springs OK682%1:26:43
Sapulpa OK562%1:38:36
Stillwater OK341%1:23:23
Tahlequah OK371%1:25:26
Tulsa OK154345%1:26:19
Below Cutoff72821%1:26:05

Note, all times are based on chip times rather than gun times. Stats are based on race data from the Tulsa Run Results Webpage.

Other Races and Other Stats

Feel free to request stats from any race. Just leave a comment to this post with your request. Be sure to point me to the race website that has the data for the race. Also, feel free to request specific stats that you would like to see. I can't promise anything, but I can give it a try.

Any link backs from your website to this site are appreciated. Also, comments are appreciated. If you ran in the race, give your inputs about how it went, how you ran, or anything interesting that occurred. Feel free to post mini race reports in the comments or post a link to your race report that you have on your blog.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

More Jacksonville 15K Stats

I've finished the women stats for last Saturday's race. 56% of the 7776 15K runners were male. However, similar to other races, for those in their 20's, women outnumber men. For this race, 55% of those in their twenties were women.

The sub hour finish was only done by 35 females (about 1% of the 3413 female runners). Over half of these came from the females in their twenties. It's just another stat showing running is growing in popularity with young women.

In addition to the women stats, I'm also including the total stats. Note that all times are based on chip times. Also note that I had to exclude some runners which had incomplete fields. Stats are based on race data from Additional race information is available at Gate River Run Website.

Female Runners by Times - Move mouse over cells to see best times for those categories.

AgeGroupUnder 1hr60m to 80m80m to 100mOver 100m
preteens0 (0%)1 (10%)5 (50%)4 (40%)
teens1 (1%)19 (15%)52 (42%)52 (42%)
twenties18 (2%)132 (15%)405 (47%)310 (36%)
thirties9 (1%)164 (15%)495 (46%)397 (37%)
forties7 (1%)108 (12%)376 (42%)400 (45%)
fifties0 (0%)28 (8%)109 (30%)225 (62%)
sixties0 (0%)1 (2%)21 (37%)35 (61%)
seventies0 (0%)0 (0%)2 (29%)5 (71%)
eighties+0 (0%)0 (0%)0 (0%)1 (100%)
unknown0 (0%)2 (13%)6 (38%)8 (50%)
Total35 (1%)455 (13%)1471 (43%)1437 (42%)

Average Times By Female Age Groups

AgeGroupNumberPercentMean Chiptime

Total Time Breakdowns

Under 1hr60m to 80m80m to 100mOver 100m
181 (2%)1922 (25%)3369 (44%)2267 (29%)

Average Times By Age Groups (Male and Female)

AgeGroupNumberPercentMean Chiptime

Average Times By Cities (Male and Female)

CityGroupNumberPercentMean Chiptime
Below Cutoff2924%1:20:19

Weather at the 2005 Jacksonville Gate River Run

The race started around 8:30am last Saturday (3/12/05). The weather was ideal for running except for it being a tad windy (which probably didn't help the Hart Bridge climb any). It was in the low 50's at the start with low humidity and sunny skies (the sun had risen at 6:40am). Here's the table with the details. These weather stats are based on data from

TimeTemp FHumid. %WindSky Condition
7:55am5141%from SW 9mphpartly cloudy
8:55am5634%from SW 10mphsunny
9:55am6129%from W 10mphsunny
10:55am6623%from W 17mphsunny