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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The San Diego Marathon

The San Diego Coca-Cola Zero Rock 'n' Roll Marathon was held last Sunday (6/5/05). In 2003, this was the nation's 6th largest marathon. There were a few things that I found interesting about the men's winner, Kenyan Christopher Cheboiboch. First, it was his third time he had run this marathon. The first was way back in 1998 in which he finished second. The other time was 2000 when he finished fifth. I wonder how common it is for anyone to come back 7 years later and win the race.

The second thing I found interesting is that Cheboiboch was just getting over a flu. Even with flu symptoms he was able to win with the impressive time of 2:09:17.

Looking at the stats for this marathon, I noticed that women have consistently outnumbered men over the years. This year women made up 53% of the finishers. However, women's percentages are trending down. Last year they made up 56% and in 2003 54%. Below are the detailed demographics for the last 3 years which are based from the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon results page.

200580449069 (53%)17113
200476409577 (56%)17217
200377799199 (54%)16978

In future posts, I'll try to provide some more stats.

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