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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Cleveland Marathon and 10K Age-Graded Results

I'm still working on the stats for last Sunday's Cleveland Marathon and 10K. Before I post the full stats, I thought I would post stats on the Age-Graded results. One thing nice about the Cleveland's results is that they provided the Age-Graded percentages for each runner. The Age-Graded (AG) percentages are suppose to provide an age and gender independent way to compare performances. So I thought it would be interesting to look at the averages of these numbers for the marathon, half marathon, and the 10K.

You might expect that a marathon would attract more serious runners who on average would have higher AGs compared to shorter distance runners. Overall that seemed to be the case. The average male marathon AG was 2.5% higher than the 10K. For the females, it was 5.4% higher.

The 10K had bigger cash prizes and attracted more of the top runners compared to the marathon. So you would expect that the AG of the top runners to be higher for the 10K than the marathon. That was the case. I averaged the AGs for the top 100 males and females. For the men, the 10K was 3% higher than the marathon. For the women it was 3.2% higher

Another thing that stood out with the AG numbers is that the males had higher AGs than the females in all categories.

Age-Graded Results

Top 100 Men
10K 74.2
half 67.6
full 71.2

Top 100 Women
10K 68.7
half 64.6
full 65.4

Overall Men
10K 53.0
half 53.8
full 55.5

Overall Women
10K 48.9
half 51.1
full 54.3

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