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Thursday, March 24, 2005

More on The Shamrock Sportsfest Marathon

One thing I like about the results that Lin-Mark has on last Saturday's Virginia Beach Shamrock Sportsfest Marathon is how it gives the first and second half paces. I decided to use this to see how the marathon runners were able to keep their pace between the two halves. Only 9.3% of the runners had a faster second half pace. Only 6 runners out of 1500 ran the second half more than a minute/mile faster. However, 53.1% ran the second half over 1 minute/mile slower. 46.5% of the runners were able to keep their first and second half paces within a minute/mile of each other.

I compared these stats with this year's Austin marathon. In Austin about 3% of the runners finished the second half faster and about 33% finished with both the halves within a minute/mile pace of each other. So those who ran last Saturday did well by keeping a consistent pace. However, it should be pointed out that Virginia Beach had cooler temperatures for its marathon.

Below are the detailed stats. Faster means the runner finished the second half at a faster pace. If you move your mouse over the cells, you can see the best time for that category. Also included are the first and second half paces for that time.

Change in Pace Numbers by Finish Times

Pace ChangeMarathon Chip Times
Under 3hr3 to 4hr4 to 5hrOver 5hrTotal
2 to 3m faster     
1 to 2m faster  4 (1%)2 (1%)6 (0%)
0 to 1m faster5 (17%)76 (14%)43 (6%)10 (4%)134 (9%)
0 to 1m slower22 (73%)305 (56%)214 (32%)23 (9%)564 (38%)
1 to 2m slower1 (3%)114 (21%)207 (31%)62 (23%)384 (26%)
2 to 3m slower 28 (5%)122 (18%)59 (22%)209 (14%)
3 to 4m slower 8 (1%)46 (7%)51 (19%)105 (7%)
Over 4m slower  22 (3%)51 (19%)73 (5%)
Unknown2 (7%)10 (2%)7 (1%)6 (2%)25 (2%)

Weather at Virginia Beach on March 19, 2005

The weather was great for a marathon. Perhaps it was a tad cool at the start. showed a temperature at Virginia Beach of 33 F at the start of the marathon. It also shows an odd jump in the temperatures from 8:00am to 9:O0am. It recorded 33F at 7:56am and 51F at 8:56am during a time when winds were calm. Norfolk had a similar but less drastic jump in temps during this time going from 37F at 6:51am, to 43F at 7:51am, and to 48F at 8:51am. Below are the temperature details.

TimeTemp FHumid. %WindSky Condition
6:56am3385calmpartly cloudy
7:56am3385calmpartly cloudy
8:56am5150calmmostly cloudy
9:56am5443from ESE 8mphmostly cloudy
10:56am5640from ESE 9mphmostly cloudy
11:56am5736from ESE 14mphmostly cloudy
12:56pm5540from SE 10mphmostly cloudy
1:56pm5645from ESE 13mphcloudy


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