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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Number Seven for Armstrong

Lance Armstrong did it again with his seventh Tour de France victory. Congratulations Lance! This Yahoo article has some interesting history of Lance's main competitors in the last 7 Tours. It said that only three men seriously challenged his domination - Italian climber Marco Pantani, Basque rider Joseba Beloki and Ullrich. Pantani had given Lance a run for his money in 2000. Sad to read that Pantani committed suicide last year. Beloki was improving against Lance each year until he crashed in front of Lance in 2003 and has yet to come back physically and mentally from injuries he received. Ullrich won the Tour in 1997 while Lance was in recovery from Cancer.

For insights on Lance's amazing endurance, check out my last month post which provides an overview of a scientist's research of Lance.

Now that Lance is retiring from the Tour, perhaps he'll get into other endurance sports like running...


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