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Sunday, July 24, 2005

The 24 Hour World Championship

The third annual International Association of Ultrarunners' 24 Hour World Challenge was held last weekend (July 16-17) in Austria. This article has a good race summary. Even with Dean Karnazes skipping Badwater and running in this race, the US men's team was only able to come in 6th. The US women did better with a third place finish, and that was without Pam Reed who had just won the women's division at Badwater.

The Russians did great at this race. The women easily won the team event by over 34 miles ahead of second place Japan. The Russian Anatoliy Kruglikov won the men's individual with a distance of 166.5 miles. Anatoliy won the Badwater Ultra back in 2000 with a time of 25:09 which had been the course record until Scott Jurek broke it this year. Looks like the US needs to get Jurek to run this 24 Hour Challenge next year.


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