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Monday, March 07, 2005

Weather at the LA Marathon 2005

Weather can have a big impact on marathons. Thus, I'll try to give the exact conditions of the race so you can factor this in when you review the stats.

The weather yesterday was pretty good for a marathon. It could have been a little cooler, but at least it wasn't hot. From the, the conditions at Downtown LA at 7:47am (around the start of the race) was 56 F, 84% humidity, fair skies, with variable wind of 3mph. The skies stayed fair throughout the day, and the wind just picked up slightly as the day progressed with variable winds of 5mph around noon. The temperatures remained moderate through the morning: 60 F at 8:47am, 63 F at 9:47am, 66 F at 10:47am, and 68 F at 11:47am (which was about the high for the day). Humidity stayed somewhat high, but it did go down: 75% at 8:47am, 70% at 9:47am, 65% at 10:47am, and 61% at 11:47am.


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