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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Austin Bun Run 5K - The Russian Women

As was mentioned in my last post and on this RunTex article, the two Russian women (Olga Romanova and Tatyana Chulakh) almost took the overall winning time in last Sunday's Austin Bun Run 5K. Both had a time around 16:24 which was just 8 seconds behind the winning man. Looking back at their race history, the Austin men were very lucky.

The two have done well in previous Bun Runs. In 2004, Tatyana Chulakh finished fourth in the women division with a time of 16:06. In 2003, Olga Romanova finished first in the women's division with a time of 15:55. Both of those years were much warmer than last Sunday. Just before race time, the temperature was 53°F last Sunday. In 2004 it was 64°F and in 2003 it was 62°F.

In other races, they even had better times. Tatyana finished first in the 2004 Vytra Long Island 5K Run with a time of 15:59. Tatyana's 5K PR is 15:50 in 2003, and Olga's 5K PR is 15:33 in 2001. Tatyana's running bio and Olga's running bio have more of their accomplishments.

So did they hold back last Sunday? Perhaps it was the lack of a cash prize incentive. Or perhaps they didn't want to shame the local Austin men. Well, I suppose I shouldn't question their efforts. They did Austin a favor by running, and I'm glad they ran. They made it a better race.

BTW, I'm currently working on the stats for this race. I'll be posting these stats shortly.

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