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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Are You A Sub-3 Runner?

As I'm making this post, the LA Marathon should be coming to an end. The temperatures seem a bit warm. The temperature at 1:45pm PT in LA is 69 F. It's sunny with humidity at 58% and dew point of 53 F. The wind is from the SW at 10mph. Once the race stats are posted, I'll start crunching the numbers.

In the mean time, I thought it would be interesting to see how many sub-3's there were in the past LA Marathons. What I mean by sub-3 is finishing the marathon in under 3 hours. What I found surprised me. In all of the last 5 LA Marathons, there were less than 1% who had a chip time under 3 hours. I was expecting something around 5%. I wonder how this compares to other marathons. This is something I'll have to look into.

In addition to the sub-3 runners, I also found the numbers of sub-4 and sub-5 runners. If you ran the 2004 LA Marathon in under 4 hours, you're in the top 6.5%. If you ran it under 5 hours, you're in the top 27.3%. As can be seen from the stats, 2004 had the fewest sub-3, sub-4, and sub-5 runners. Hopefully, the temperatures today should be more conducive to faster times.

In future posts, I'll also break these up based on sex and age.

Time Breakdowns for the Past LA Marathons

LA MarathonUnder 3hr3hr to 4hr4hr to 5hrOver 5hr
2000129 (0.8%)2134 (12.5%)5071 (29.6%)9805 (57.2%)
200197 (0.6%)2023 (12.6%)4908 (30.5%)9039 (56.3%)
200296 (0.5%)2048 (10.9%)5156 (27.5%)11424 (61.0%)
2003111 (0.6%)1975 (11.6%)4759 (27.8%)10245 (59.9%)
200470 (0.4%)1184 (6.1%)4040 (20.8%)14096 (72.7%)


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