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Monday, June 20, 2005

Grandma's Marathon

The Grandma's Marathon took place last Saturday (6/18/05) in Duluth Minnesota. This marathon was listed by as the 11th biggest marathon in the country in 2003. Last Saturday there were 6885 finishers with an average time of 4:22:28.

Duluth Minnesota seems like a good place for a June marathon. Race day temperatures have been pretty nice in its history. In 2004 it was 53° at the start, 57° in 2003, and 50° in 2002. This year's starting temperature was around 57°.

There were a large number of elites who ran. The top 20 men had times under 2:30. Ten of the top 20 men were Kenyans. Both the winner and the second place finisher were from Kenya with times of 2:13:18 and 2:13:33.

For the women, there were 18 who ran under 3:00. The first place woman was from Belarus and finished with 2:28:43.

More race info at and

Over the next few days, I'll put together the stats for this race.


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