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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Superwoman May Be In Austin Tomorrow

Last year I was amazed by Tatiana Borisova (from Kyrgyzstan) who broke the women course record for the Motorola Marathon. It was her first official marathon and previously she had been just a short distance runner.

Unfortunately, I didn't see her finish since I was helping a friend during the Marathon, however, I was able to see her at around mile 20. She stood out from the other two women in the pack. She was tall, blonde, and looked like she could be a model.

It's hard to appreciate the pace that they run since it's so smooth. But it's fast. I had stopped on my bike to take her picture as she ran by. I then tried to get another picture so I pedaled my bike fast along the edge of the Townlake trail and stopped to get another shot. But as I stopped and turned around, she and the other two runners were already passing me, and I didn't get another shot. Oh well, it really didn't matter since the pictures didn't come out well from my cheap camera. Here's the one picture that I did take.

From what I hear, she is suppose to be running tomorrow at the Austin Freescale Marathon. From sources at RunTex Forum, she was suppose to run the Houston and Arizona marathons earlier this year but did not start. Also she was in last year's Olympics where she ran the 1500m. She came in 14th at her first heat and did not advance. Perhaps it was too hot. Well, unfortunately, it won't be as cool as it was last year for the Marathon. So that may not be good news for her. Either it was the weather last year or it's something about Austin which turned her into Superwoman.

BTW, here are the overall past winners from the Freescale (Motorola) Marathons. And finally, be sure to check out the runners. Here are the prime viewing locations. Come down and see Superwoman in action!


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