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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Getting Ready for the LA Marathon

I'm getting my stats programs ready for the 2005 Los Angeles Marathon which will be held this Sunday (3/6/2005). Race data is available dating back 1997. I plan on looking at the LA Marathon stats through some of these years. As with the Austin Marathon, it'll be interesting to see if repeat runners improve.

Here are some basic facts from the race site about how many runners have participated in the previous years:

  • 2004: Total runners: 19533 (Females: 7365 / Males: 12168)

  • 2003: Total runners: 21626 (Females: 8534 / Males: 13092)

  • 2002: Total runners: 22320 (Females: 8748 / Males: 13572)

  • 2001: Total runners: 19718 (Females: 7474 / Males: 12244)

  • 2000: Total runners: 17164 (Females: 6292 / Males: 10872)


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