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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Flat Races in Florida?

One thing about Florida is that it's flat. The highest elevation in the entire state is only 345 ft above sealevel. And this is in the Panhandle near the border of Alabama. So if you run into significant hills, it's likely one of two things: a landfill or a bridge.

For the Jacksonville 15K Gate River Run, "the hill" is the 180ft Hart Bridge which is around mile 8 on the 9.3 mile course.

I finally crunched some of the numbers. I'm still working on the women's stats. For now, I'll post the stats for the men. From the 2005 race results, there were a total of 7776 runners who completed the 15K: 4363 male runners and 3413 female runners. Below is the breakdown of the male runners by age and times.

Male Runners by Times - Move mouse over cells to see best times for those categories.

AgeGroupUnder 1hr60m to 80m80m to 100mOver 100m
preteens0 (0%)5 (19%)11 (42%)10 (38%)
teens12 (7%)69 (41%)58 (35%)28 (17%)
twenties50 (7%)268 (38%)287 (41%)98 (14%)
thirties38 (3%)446 (37%)548 (45%)184 (15%)
forties37 (3%)448 (35%)580 (46%)202 (16%)
fifties7 (1%)190 (27%)318 (45%)185 (26%)
sixties2 (1%)33 (16%)76 (36%)100 (47%)
seventies0 (0%)0 (0%)14 (48%)15 (52%)
eighties+0 (0%)0 (0%)0 (0%)3 (100%)
unknown0 (0%)8 (42%)6 (32%)5 (26%)
Total146 (3%)1467 (34%)1898 (44%)830 (19%)

Average Times By Male Age Groups

AgeGroupNumberPercentMean Chiptime

Note, all of these stats are based on race results from Also note that there were 22 runners that I had to exclude due to incomplete fields. Also, there were 19 runners who didn't give their ages.

I'll try to post the stats for the women and overall tomorrow. Plus, I'll look into some stats for the splits. Let me know if there are any stats that would interest you.


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