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Sunday, February 20, 2011

2011 Austin Marathon Review and Band List

The 2011 Austin Marathon was held today, and since part of the course was close to my apartment, I decided to walk over there and watch. Instead of just standing, I wanted to get some exercise. So I walked a good portion of the course.

I planned my walk to see as much of the lead runners as possible. With the marathon being a loop, that made it much easier.

Back in the days of Motorola and Freescale sponsorship, the marathon paid high dollar prizes which attracted elite runners from around the world. That appeared to have ended a few years ago. There are still elite runners, but no super elite. For example, in the 2005 marathon, the female winner's time was 2:31:01. This year the female winner, Desiree Ficker, had a time of 2:50:35. So you can see the difference. However, it should be noted that the course was easier back then when it was mostly downhill. Also, today's temperatures didn't help the times. At 8:51am this morning the temperature was 66.9°F. The overcast skies and the wind helped make it feel a little cooler. However, the gusty winds (over 20mph) probably didn't help the runners.

One thing that I found interesting during the race was watching the lead pacers and the runners around them. The lead pacers were fast at 2:46. I first saw these pacers at about 3 miles into the race. There was a big group around them. The next time I saw the pacers was just past mile 24. The group had reduced down to one runner. Actually, the pacers had broken apart. One male runner was running along one, and I think the lead female runner was along the other. There were only 11 men who finished under 2:46. I suppose many in the group at mile 3 were half-marathon runners.

2011 Austin Marathon Course Bands

In addition to watching the runners, I enjoyed listening to the bands that were playing along the course. I wasn't able to find a course entertainment guide that listed all the bands and their locations along the course. In 2006 when the marathon was sponsered by Freescale, they had this type of entertainment guide at the marathon website.

So I thought it would be useful if I put together my own list of the bands with links to their websites. I thought this might be useful for runners and spectators who want to know more about these bands or who want to send their appreciations.

Since I walked only about half the course, I didn't see all the bands. Several bands didn't have signs, so I only have a few names and website links. If you know of a band name or a location that I missed, please leave a comment.

  • The first band I saw was at South 1st and Oltorf around mile marker 7. I past by here at 7:00, and they were still setting up. I was headed over to Congress so I didn't get the name of this band.

  • Rose & Wade was set up just south of Oltorf on Congress just before mile 4.

  • God, The Devil, And the Pimp was at mile marker 3 on Congress. I walked by them at 7:16. They were one of the few that had a sign with their name, and they mentioned the event on their website.

  • There was one guitar player outside of South Congress Athletic Club at around mile 2.5 into the race. I was on the other side of the road so I couldn't see much.

  • A band was set up in front of the Austin City Hall which was a good spot since it was on the course for both mile 2 and mile 8.5. I was on the other side of the course so I couldn't see much. I walked by there at 7:36.

  • Under the Lamar bridge at mile marker 9, a rock band was playing. I couldn't see any name or sign. I walked by here at 7:43. I was expecting the lead runners to soon be passing me.

  • I cut through Lake Austin High School and made it to Lake Austin Blvd where the runners headed up Winsted Lane. Just before Enfield (mile 11) a band was playing. I though I saw a sign Los Magos, but I can't find anything on the web regarding this band.

  • On Exposition and Windsor (mile 12) a two-person band with a female flutist and male guitarist were playing. They had a sign which I thought said Wood and Fire, but I can't find anything on the web about them.

  • At mile 13, the course took a right onto 35th Street which went past the entrance of Camp Mabry. At the entrance, the 36th Infantry Division Band was playing. As you might expect from the military. it was an old fashion type of orchestra band.

  • On 35th Street I walked along side the runners over Mopac where the course took a left onto Jackson. A three-person rock band was playing near that corner. The only sign I could see was on the drum which said "The Bubbles". I can't find anything on the web about them.

  • At Jackson I decided to take a short-cut rather than following the marathon route. I followed 35th Street which turned into 38th Street to Duval which was at mile marker 24. I got at that point a little too late to see the lead male runner, Keith Pierce, but I did see many of the others including the lead female runner, Desiree Ficker.

  • There weren't many bands in this last 2-mile stretch. One guitar player was outside of Posse East at the intersection of Duval and San Jacinto, and two Country guitar players were along side the UT stadium.

  • At mile 26, the course turned west onto 11th Street for the final leg. I reached that point at 10:12 (3:12 into the race). I watched the runners for a while hoping to see Lance Armstrong, but no luck. I was getting tired, and since I had a 5-mile walk to get back home, I decided to start heading home.

It wasn't quite a marathon for me. The total miles of my walk was about 17.5 miles which included about 7 miles to and from my apartment. The temperature may have been too warm for top marathon times, but it made for a comfortable walk.


  • anyone know what was the first band? They had war like drums.

    By Blogger Fede, at 9:58 AM  

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