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Thursday, September 22, 2005

New Orleans Marathon Scheduled for 2006

It is good to see that the Mardi Gras Marathon is being planned for February 5th, 2006. The latest updates are available at the Marathon's website. Hopefully, New Orleans will be able to avoid any damage from Hurricane Rita and the race will be able to be run as planned. As reported by the website, race management is working out course details and overall race logistics with city officials.

The races include the Mardi Gras Marathon, Half Marathon, and The Hornets 5K. I covered the 2005 race stats for this marathon and half marathon in a March post. One thing that impressed me about this marathon was the scenic course which went through the French Quarters and ended inside the Superdome. Another thing I noticed was how many out-of-state runners there were. 81% of the marathon runners were from outside Louisiana. For the half marathon, 60% were from outside the state. So this marathon will definitely help the city revive its tourism industry.


  • This is Terry from Knoxville... I made a blogger account.

    One thing that Out of Town People like about this marathon is that it is flatter than flat. When I ran it, the only "bump" in the course was a man made "bridge" if you will that amounted to putting a treadmill to incline 1 for about 20 yards and then to -1 for the other 20 yards. I know of people in TN that ran it because of that and some friends in VA who were going to run in 2006, but I think they are going to change venues.

    Although when we ran it, we finished outside the Superdome. It was weird seeing the outside of the superdome flooded and knowing that I had finished a marathon there.

    By Blogger PLANET3RRY, at 7:12 PM  

  • Thanks for sharing your experience about the race.

    Looks like there has been more breaks in the levees due to Rita. Hope it doesn't set them too far back in the rebuilding.

    By Blogger Ken, at 3:46 PM  

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