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Friday, August 12, 2005

SBLI Falmouth Road Race

The 33rd SBLI Falmouth Road Race will be held this Sunday (8/14) in Falmouth Massachusetts. There's a couple of things that caught my eye about this race. First, it's an odd distance of 7 miles which is 11.26km. Those 7 miles should be scenic for the runners as they run along the coast.

The other thing that caught my eye was the prize purse of $112,000 which is claimed to be America's largest non-marathon prize purse (not including bonuses). Gilbert Okari who won last week's Beach to Beacon 10K will be running along with many other elites. Many of the elite runners in the race will be hosted by local Falmouth residents. The Boston Globe has a story on this.

The day before this race there's the Falmouth Mile which is an invitational track race. An article from the Boston Herald has a story about former Notre Dame running star Luke Watson who is an elite regular at both the Mile and the 7-Mile race.


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